What is past-life therapy?

It's a therapeutic approach that clears out old stories and beliefs that are preventing us from living our best life. 

As a past-life therapist, I use the framework of past-lives:  accessing imprints and experiences embedded in your unconscious, to help you transform your life in the here and now.

Think of me as a frequency shifter and light connector. 

Clients may seek me out to clear any number of phobias, such as fear of water, fear of heights or even procrastination. When the underlying cause is released and transformed, the client is able to be in a place of neutrality. 

People are searching for answers. They have burning questions, such as:  

Why am I here?    What is my soul plan?  Do I know my partner from a past-life? 
These answers are not found in the realm of the personality.  If they were, you would already have the answer! The answers are found in the realm of the soul. 

I help clients shift their perspective (frequency shifting) and discard longstanding limitations.  Your soul wants you to be the best version of you. Lighten up.  Contact me today, and live your best life! 
Soul Healing                                                                                              
Therapy for the Soul 
Theresa Pugh, PhD. Past-Life Therapist