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Other training modalities include Foundation years in Transactional Analysis and Psychosynthesis. I hold
 a B.A. degree in English from UBC, Vancouver, and a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University, in England.  

I am currently a member of the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association.

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More About Theresa Pugh, B.A., M.Sc. 

My core training includes Clinical Hypnosis. I trained with two high profile teachers - Di Cherry, in Vancouver, Canada - and Oxford educated, Dr. Roger Woolger, in London, England. I highly recommend his book: "Other Lives, Other Selves", available on Amazon. 

I’ve also been very influenced by the work of Carl Jung and the way in which archetypal patterns play out in the unconscious. In fact, past-life therapy can be viewed as the ultimate doorway to access these personal archetypal patterns. Soul fragmentation is something of an epidemic these days, and is easily resolved through this soul level work. It really doesn't matter whether we are a 'believer' in past-lives. Simply doing the work, and accessing the unconscious allows us to experience extraordinary shifts.