What is Soul Therapy? 

"Therapy for the Soul". 

 I have trained in transpersonal psychology, clinical hypnosis, and past-life therapy to develop my own unique modality, which I call "Soul Therapy".  I help clients move into alignment by integrating aspects of themselves. ​

Everyone has unexplained fears and anxieties trapped within their unconscious. Clients come to me when they don’t know exactly what they need. And I often find this happens because they could be experiencing an awakening on a soul level. As we are so much more than our personality, we don’t always know the signs of inner expansion. That’s where I can help.  

Past-life therapy
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Increasingly, practitioners are calling this type of work: Energy medicine. The premise is simple. You are really a soul having a human experience. Soul consciousness is essence. This essence is a frequency. This means you exist on a quantum level and are so much more than your physical body. 

Soul Therapy uses the tools of hypnosis, awareness and alignment to bring ALL of you into the here and now. ​

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