Welcome to Arias Press. 

We are a different type of publisher.  Specialising in Body, Mind and Spirit, we are a rapidly expanding niche market.  Books that might be self-published often find their way to us.  And authors who know they have an important message, but don't know how to reach the market, come here as well. 

Arias Press has a big idea.   We believe there are many manuscripts that  deserve a wider audience; these may be inspirational stories or spiritual insights.  We aim to fill the gap in the market between self-published books and the larger publishing houses that are too busy to even consider your work. 

We aim for a solid web presence.  But we don't discount the importance of hard copies either.  

Arias Press.  Inspirational publishing.  Based in Vancouver, serving the world. 

Contact: 604-222 1588. ​

For more information regarding  submissions, see About Us. 

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